Refund Policy

Satisfied or your money back!

If you are not completely satisfied with the software you’ve bought from this website, you can get your money back within 30 days of downloading (Not installed)  the software, or 30 days after the software has been delivered to you.

One thing worth mentioning: This guarantee works only for software bought online from an productestore website. If you’ve bought your software in retail or from another website, please contact them and check their Returns policy.

30-day return guarantee

Extending the statutory 7-day “cooling off” period, we offer you a 30-day return guarantee under the conditions detailed below.
Our Easy Returns guarantee allows you to cancel your order within the 30-day guarantee period starting from the day after the date of receiving the product or download. In order to benefit from this additional guarantee, please follow the procedure below.

How to return a product

To raise a refund request, please follow the procedure below:

Contact Us with the following information:
• Your contact information (last name, first name, address, email, phone number)
• Your order ID .
• Your reason for return
• For downloaded items, proof that the software has been uninstalled from all your computers and will never be installed or used any more.


If you have purchased your item by credit card, the refund is re-credited to the account associated with the credit card used for the order.
If you have purchased your item using any other payment method, we’ll send you a refund by check once approved by our Financial Department.
This guarantee is without prejudice of the exercise of the statutory right of returning products during the 7-day cooling off period. The conditions of exercise of this right are detailed in our Terms of Use.


  • Electronics including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units must be returned within 15 days with receipt
  • Airbeds that are not defective must be returned within 15 days and, if used, will only be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value
  • Tools of outside use, such as lawn mowers or power washers, must be returned within 30 days with a receipt
  • CDs, DVDs, and video game cartridges follow the 90-day return policy, but must be either defective or returned unopened for a refund or exchange